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New Committee members June 2020

03 June 2020

Babs Oduwole, having taken on the daunting challenge of succeeding James Dean, is handing over to Nick Turk as Fixture Secretary.
The Club thanks Babs for his enthusiasm and hard graft as well as his committment and drive in helping the club continue to move with the times - aiming to ensure we are as attractive and relevant to modern circumstances as possible.
The Committee is very pleased to welcome a number of new members.
A review during the Spring of our organisation and management structure was geared primarily to finding ways to improve the support provided from the centre to Match Managers in raising sides. At the same time, all Committee members would be encouraged to take on more specific roles to this end and in various other club management duties.
The review has led to the strengthening of two main acivities under Nick Turk's new regime in leading c ricket operations through the season. First, the role of the Regional Representative has been beefed up (instead of four we will have eight) and, second, the capture and dissemination of active player information via our website through the season is now an imperative. A website review is currently underway and changes will be made to improve its usefulness alongside our social media and other forms of communication.
The new Committee members are Charlotte Bawden, John Hamilton, James Hooper, Andrew McCulla, Charlie McKegney, Will McKegney, Richard Moffat and James Richardson.