Candidate procedure

1. The Club is very keen to attract new playing members. We have a simple system in which potential members play a minimum of two days cricket in a season as a Candidate. At the end of the season, the Committee makes the decision to offer membership. Decisions are made on the basis of cricketing ability and approach to the game. FF strongly supports the Spirit of Cricket as set out in the Preamble to the Laws of the Game.

2. Candidates must be supported by a Member of The Club - acting as their Proposer. Membership costs £50 a season or £500 for life membership.

3. Our registration system for Candidates is again simple and paperless as we use this website as the way of tracking Candidates. The Candidate or Proposer should let the Hon Secretary know of the desire to become a member (providing name, mobile phone number and email address) so that the Candidate may be logged on to the system and given a login code for the website. The Proposer is also responsible for reminding his or her Candidate to fill in his personal details using the electronic form on the website.

4. The Proposer is responsible for introducing his Candidate to the Match Manager of at least one match in which the Candidate wishes to play, giving the Candidate’s age and cricketing abilities, and asking to play. The Candidate may also be approached to play in Club fixtures by Match Managers. Once the Candidate has been proposed for membership, he or she is warmly encouraged to make a personal approach to Match Managers asking for a game..

5. Fixture Cards are, of course, available to Candidates and can be requested by Proposers from the Honorary Secretary ([email protected]). A fixture card will be automatically sent to a Candidate once their details have been received by the Honorary Secretary.

6. It is assumed that Proposers are satisfied that their Candidates, if elected, are likely to play for The Club, even if only once or twice a season.

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